Educational pact

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world

Many children who have lost their parents to AIDS grow up in a family that is unable to afford school transport or school fees.
State schools, the fees for which are usually only minimal, are often lacking in quality: very large classes, teachers who are not always appropriately trained, instruction in Zulu rather than English.

The children of GEZUBUSO Projects also attended state schools for a long time, as the financial situation permitted nothing else.

In December 2018, however, we decided to send most of the children to a private school – for a better education. The costs are significantly higher than at the previous schools and will exceed our budget for 2019, but this will motivate us to work even harder to find supporters specifically for this cause.

After all, only with a good education will these children have the potential to shape their own lives in the future and escape the vicious circle of poverty and violence.