Gardening project

Garten Projekt

The “Eat Homegrown” gardening project, launched in 2017, is coordinated by Michael Duma. The project was started in the Kwa Mpumuza district, just outside Pietermaritzburg. The aim of the project is to create personal gardens with which individuals can achieve a more balanced and healthier diet. At the same time, garden owners are shown how easy it is to look after the vegetables themselves.

Each plot is 42 m2 in size and is divided into six beds, where six different types of vegetables are then planted: cabbage, beetroot, carrots, spinach, onions and green peppers. The selection can vary and be adapted individually depending on the garden owner’s preference.

Michael’s part in the project is to create, plant and maintain the gardens. The garden owners themselves must only ensure that the plants are watered and pay a small monthly charge. The project can therefore be regarded as a win-win situation since both the garden owners and Michael benefit from the concept:

  • Fresh, wholesome food at minimal cost to the garden owners
  • while securing an income for Michael and his team.

This win-win situation also offers hope, moreover, for sustainable success. Many gardening projects in the past ultimately were not sustainable as they tended to be one-sided, or neither side was expected to make an equal financial contribution and commitment. This time it’s different:

  • Michael only earns his living if he offers a good service in the long term.
  • Customers only get a return on their investment if they also actively contribute by watering and tending to their gardens.

Thanks to the financial support of GEZUBUSO Projects, 42 gardens are now in place. With the aid of further investment, we are aiming for a significant scale-up of this sustainable program (read also the news).