Sunshine House

At present, the two Sunshine Houses in Pietermaritzburg and Nxamalala are home to approx. 35 foster children and six foster mothers (four in Pietermaritzburg and two in Nxamalala). The biological children of the foster mothers also live at the Sunshine Houses.

The foster children have either been orphaned or half-orphaned by AIDS or have been abandoned or severely neglected by their biological mothers; violence is another common reason for having to offer children a safe refuge. Social workers from the youth welfare service always ensure that the children are given a good, new home.

The women pool their state care allowances to share costs, such as for food, between them. GEZUBUSO Projects assists with a basic income and the costs for electricity, water, travel and school fees. Sometimes, when more generous donations are made, the children and foster mothers receive additional food and toiletries.

The Sunshine House is only the first pillar of support for the children under our care. The second is education: While a sheltered upbringing in the loving environment of the Sunshine House is important, only good education can give the children the chance of a self-determined life in the future.