Partial Registration of Sunshine Home as a Child-Youth Care Centre!

with the Department of Social Development

To manage our organisation better, Gezubuso projects is in the process of registering the Sunshine Home with the DSD as a Child and Youth Care Centre.

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Healing is in the Pot

... new project alert!

"Healing The Pot" is a new research project that will be implemented in the greater Mpopomeni area of KwaZulu-Natal with a team of researchers led by Bridget Randall.

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Donation Drive

... to replenish food for the Home!

Food prices have gone up while the number of local donors has lessened. That is why Gezubuso has conducted a donation drive.

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New logo!

Gezubuso Projects is proud to present its new logo.

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Introducing revamped Gezubuso Training School!

New Courses!

Gezubuso Projects Training school is an initiative of the Gezubuso Projects that contributes to skills development of individuals from rural communities to help them enter the job market and be self reliant. We offer a wide range of courses that contribute to skills development in the health, education, and social development sectors of South Africa.


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Development of the "KiddiesPlay!"-Model

Supporting Centers for Early Childhood Development and Schools!

Gezubuso created the KiddiesPlay! Model to promote the following areas:

  • Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse
  • Promotion of child protection

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Youth Day Celebration

... a little bit different this year

Gezubuso held a Youth Day celebration which started with a clean-up campaign on West street.

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Teaching children about body safety

... to prevent sexual violence

The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified sexual violence of children in South Africa.

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Home schooling 2021

... started today at Gezubuso Projects

In South Africa the new school year 2021 is also marked by the corona pandemic.

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A good start in 2021 with strength and resilience

We hope that you could start the 2021 full of confidence and resilience - based on the experiences of 2020 and the energy from probably different days of Christmas and New Year. We at Gezubuso Projects started the year with this confidence ...

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