15 years of Gezubuso Projects

Gezubuso Projects was registered on the 7th of June 2004.

After 15 years, we look back very grateful to this time,

  • grateful for the great commitment of Juanita Mackay, without her vision and her thirst for action Gezubuso Projects would not exist;
  • grateful for the many people who worked at Gezubuso Projects during these years, Gezubuso Projects is driven by people for people;
  • grateful for the many supporters and donors, without whom the achievements would not have been possible.

The need to give the weakest hope for life has not changed during these 15 years. On the contrary, the task turned out to be even greater than it was 15 years ago: it is not enough to give children in need and AIDS orphans sheltered homes, but the young adult school leavers also need intensive support in the security of the Gezubuso family for the time of their professional training.

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