About us

GEZUBUSO Projects is a non-profit, non-governmental aid organisation in South Africa (NPO, NGO, registration No.: 033-191-NPO).


GEZUBUSO was founded in 2004. When the HIV/AIDS epidemic was at its peak, initial steps were taken to explain the issue of AIDS and HIV to the men, women and children in the rural regions of KwaZulu Natal.
It soon became apparent, however, that these efforts would need to extend way beyond AIDS and HIV education. GEZUBUSO Projects in its present form has developed out of this realisation,
  • offering a secure and caring environment for orphaned and disadvantaged children and young adults who at the same time are entitled to a good education,
  • providing training courses, and
  • initiating and supporting gardening projects as a means of self-help and wholesome food production.

Mission statement

To nurture and promote the skills of children, young adults and adults alike. Through compassion, upbringing, education and training, we aim to give orphaned children and young people, and disadvantaged adults, the opportunity to live a self-determined life.